What is iron used for?

Iron is a common metal that is now widely used and can be seen practically anywhere. Basically, iron is combined with other elements and is mainly used for construction like building supports, ships and warships and other transportations like cars, planes and buses. In today’s generation, even your everyday things that are used are also made of iron like the cellular phones, computers, television and most electric and electronic appliances. For modern interior decors, iron is also used for furniture in houses and commercial and business establishments.

Although iron is used in most things nowadays, it still comes in different forms and combinations, depending on where it would be used. Wrought iron, for example, contains additives, has low corrosion rate and is more twistable and ideal for window screens and patio furniture.

Alloyed steel, which is a combination of iron and steel, can withstand various temperature and pressure which makes it right for use on building frameworks, chassis or carrier ships and planes.

Cast iron is most commonly used in most kitchens like in the forms of skillets, trays and cooking pans and it has been in use from generation to generation.

As iron is also used in the invention of medical equipments, it is used also for medicinal purposes when combined with iron gluconate, is used as a dietary supplement for people with iron deficiency. The use of supplemental iron is used also animal feeds and other insecticides to protect plants and gardens from pests.

If you realize the uses of iron, there is more to see and discover how useful this element could be, especially when combined with other materials or elements. It goes along with today’s modern technology and will stay until the next centuries to come, whatever the climate would be anywhere in the world.