Someone Stole My Catalytic Converter!

I received a call from my father today because someone stole a catalytic converter on his Toyota Tundra. He started his truck to go home from a normal day at work and hear a loud explosion. “It sounded like I blew the engine and that’s what I immediately thought.” Well turns out, some got underneath his truck with a reciprocating type saw and cut one of the two catalytic converters off his truck. The proceeded to cut the second one off but only made one cut. We are thinking that something scared them off.

The funny part about this story is that he works in a gated and fenced in government hospital in Memphis, TN. Someone had to walk up to his vehicle with a saw and make a large amount of noise making 3 cuts in the steel pipes connected to the catalytic converters. Anyone who has cut steel knows that it is extremely loud. The hospital has a security team and cameras surrounding the building but this act was not caught on tape, seen or heard. This makes me wonder, what if someone was screaming for help, or in serious danger? Why were the security cameras not working?

dsc 0548 300x198 Someone Stole My Catalytic Converter!
Our guess is that the thief wanted to sell or recycle the catalytic converter for money and the truck was an easy accessible truck due to the higher ground clearance. It still baffles me that someone could do this and get away with it on this type of property.