Make That Great Guy Friend into a Boyfriend

If you’re a woman then chances are there is that other special somebody in the form of an amazing guy friend you can call late at night after a fight with your boyfriend for support when you need it most apart from your girl friends.  For those women who ever had the thought of converting him into a boyfriend then you can follow these steps to do just that.

Why would this be a good idea assuming you are now single?  With a great guy friend you already have knowledge of his likes and dislikes, some bonding and many other attributes to build upon.  If you plan on making the jump in changing a guy friend into a great boyfriend just adhere to these simple pieces of advice.

First of all you absolutely must not treat him as just a normal friend from this day forward.  Not in terms of physical or superficial attraction but by simply being there when it comes to deep, personal issues such as with those pertaining to his family or even academics.  Force this great guy friend that he cannot function without either seeking your advice or by seeing your face.

One crucial exception to the said advice is to never be the support when it comes to his relationship issues with his girlfriend, assuming he is in one.  Being the support in this matter shows this guy friend that you are simply a friend and nothing more.  Only do so right after you discover he is single after being dumped for example.  Be his comfort at that point and make your next move.

What is the next move?  Well, you probably guessed it, flirting!  While it may seem a bit unnatural at first it may make it easier by keeping it subtle.  Whether it’s changes to yourwardrobe or body, get this great guy friend to notice your outer exterior on top of the interior emotional traits as mentioned previously.  Just do not go overboard or else this will backfire dramatically.